PM Modi Rally is stopped for 15 min in the way of the Ferozepur Rally and canceled the rally due to heavy rainfall.

PM Modi’s Ferozepur rally in Punjab has been canceled. PM Modi is now heading back towards Delhi. The source revealed that due to heavy rainfall in Punjab it was not possible to conduct a rally in the city.

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PM Ferozepur rallies are canceled due to heavy rainfall and their vehicle are stopped for 15 min in the midway 

The government of Punjab is known in the circle of investigation for blunder in the rally of prime minister for the stop in the way of the rally for 15 min the voice are raised by people if the prime minister is not saved in Punjab then common man how life in the city. If this incident is planned by any party then this is not good for Indian politics’ future. This time to check whose mistake in this incident and take strict action about them and everything is clear in this case and take action on it.

This was his first visit to the state in two years. Punjab Finance minister Manpreet tweeted a photo f himself welcoming Prime Minister earlier in the day.

The Prime Minister was Scheduled to lay Foundation Stones for a project worth over RS.42,750 crore, including two years of road corridors to enhance accessibility to a prominent religious centres.


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